About me

Hi. My name is Angela.

I am 28 years old and I was born in a city near Barcelona. I am a dynamic and exuberant girl, I like to spend my time in the company of positive people and I detest loneliness. I have always been the leader in class and among my friends thanks to my strong character. My classmates were always surprised with my stories, and they always asked me to cost them some new ones. And that’s how my hobby began, writing the stories that happened to me day after day. And that’s how I became a famous blogger. My blog is very beautiful, full of color after the help of a great friend to design it. I cover many topics precisely because I talk about everything that happens to me, so everything I explain is true. That’s why people follow me, because they feel identified with me. Look for me on Instagram, @angyblogforyou, and have fun with me!