How can mom learn to keep up?

How can mom learn to keep up?

By Angela 0 Comment May 17, 2019

Once a long ago there was such period in my life, when I catastrophically nothing had time : studies, work, friends, home businesses… Think, there were such moments in life of any man. But I produced the method of tests and errors for itself governed, that had facilitated my life considerably. I very want to share by them with you.

Rule number 1. Planning

Yes, yes, planning. At first I tried to make a detailed schedule and to strictly follow it – this was my main mistake. You do not need to adjust your life to the schedule, you need to adjust the schedule for life. For a start, I bought a big diary, it had a place to draw up plans for the year, month, week, and every day. Gradually, I taught myself to make all the various lists and plans: a shopping list, a menu for the week (to purchase all the products in advance), a list of things I want to buy, gift lists for the next holidays. Surprisingly, this all at once saved a tremendous amount of time and money. Now I can not live without a diary, except that I prescribe all the cases, falling asleep, I sort of say them to myself, I imagine, it helps not to forget anything.

When we had a daughter, after the first month I began to accustom her to a clear daily routine, and you know, she easily gave in and lives according to the regime. Now I easily adapt to her regime, plan things for the time of her sleep.

Rule number 2. Get rid of time sinks

For me it was the easiest point to understand and, at the same time, the most difficult to implement. For me, so it was clear that I was the “time sink” in my life – TV, telephone, Internet.

Now it is funny for me to remember that once I could look at other people’s photos for a whole evening, discuss all sorts of nonsense with my girlfriends, and so on. The decisive measures helped – the TV in my apartment is only in the kitchen, I watch the news at breakfast, sometimes I turn it on as a background when I cook, I try to communicate with people live, I spend the least amount of time on my phone and ICQ. Honestly, it does not always work. Nevertheless, the rejection of “time sinks” allowed me to save a lot of hours a day.

Rule number 3. Combination

You can always find such things that can be combined. For example, when I walk with a child sleeping in a wheelchair, I listen to audiobooks; while cooking I repeat English and French; when my daughter is naughty and asks for her hands, turn on the music and dance with her and perform simple exercises like charging; even for three minutes that the dinner is heated in the microwave, I always try to do something in the kitchen – to water the flowers, wipe the dust, shelves in the refrigerator. The most important thing is to develop the habit of combining; with time, it will be unnecessary to make efforts; everything will happen by itself.

Rule number 4. Do everything on time

Maybe the phrase will seem bonal, but you can’t put things off until later; the more I do today, the fewer things left for tomorrow. It is much easier to wash a plate after a meal than to wash up a mountain of dishes in the evening. We all understand this, but unfortunately we can not always apply in practice. Frankly, I just forced myself to do everything on time, made efforts to it, over time it became a habit. This also applies to purchases, I plan to cook for a week and buy food for the future, in the evening my husband buys only milk and kefir. For convenience, I use online stores, large supermarkets are suitable for someone, the most important thing is to stop spending time on shops, standing in line, and it also saves a lot of money.

Rule number 5. Progress

The very first things our young family acquired were appliances that made domestic work easier: a washing machine, a microwave, a blender and a double boiler, a vacuum cleaner, and so on. For me personally, these are very important things, because I really love cooking, and after spending money once, I save time every day.

Rule number 6. Order in the house

Without exception, we all have heard about feng shui, deposits and positive energy in life, but not everyone can put it into practice. When I tried to get rid of the debris in the apartment, I felt sorry for every unnecessary thing … And things were accumulating and accumulating. Now I follow this principle: every day it is necessary to get rid of one unnecessary thing. And you know how ridiculous it may sound, it became easier for me to breathe in my apartment! Throwing out old things, we kind of make room for new ones.

About the cleaning. Frankly, since childhood I do not like general cleaning on Saturdays. I found another way to keep the house clean. Each

 I spend 15 minutes on household chores day, for convenience I start a timer and actively clean up for 15. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a weekend or a holiday, I’m tired or busy, 15 minutes out of 24 hours in a day can always be highlighted. And you know, after a month and a half after, I already had to think deeply, and what to wash, clean up today. Try it – it is really very effective. With the advent of the child, the daily chores of course increased, so I do this, during my daughter’s morning sleep, I do the daily chores: I wash, iron her clothes, my floor, and then all the same 15 minutes of cleanliness.

Well, one more small point of keeping order in the house, every day before going to bed, no matter how tired I am, I put everything in its place, the kitchen, the room, the nursery – everything should remain clean and tidy for the night.

Rule number 7. Assistants

Very often they write that all household chores need to be done with the children, I don’t have such an experience, since the child is still small, I’ll share better experience in involving my husband in household chores. Like any man, my husband is a strategist, he thinks globally, makes big plans, thinks over projects, and he will never do such things as gluing tiles, removing things, sharpening knives on his own initiative. It happened that I had asked for several months to glue a piece of falling off wallpaper and they still remained in the same place, and he only made a helpless gesture, which I did not remind him at the wrong time.

 Once we just sat down at the negotiating table and decided that every weekend he would devote some time for household chores, how and when — he decides himself, allocates a convenient time for himself, by Friday I just prepare a list of what he should do. And you know, on this all the problems have disappeared, all the male work is done, everything is nailed, glued, moved and so on.

Rule number 8. My child

You know, one of my friends, after she went to work after the decree, said that now working 8 hours a day, plus 2-3 hours on the road, she spends much more time with her child than when she was at home all day. It was the time limit that taught her how to use it effectively. What conclusion I made for myself – to spend time with my daughter as actively and diversely as possible.

Now, while my daughter is awake, I clearly plan what to do with her. During the day, I definitely have time to do various massages, dynamic gymnastics, fitball exercise, finger games, reading books, sometimes I just sing songs and dance with her, learn to move, grab, learn this world. On sale is a huge number of educational games, so many literature, manuals, video tutorials – a lesson can be found for any age, and even for the most active kid.

Rule number 9. Relaxation

How does a young mother differ from an ordinary worker even in the most complex production? Our working day does not end at 18.00, it lasts around the clock, and the working week does not end on Friday, there are no weekends, vacations and holidays.

Households will never end, and a six-month-old child will never tell you – Mom, take a rest, I’ll play one today! Make yourself relax !!! Just make.

Invite guests, go family out of town, to parents, friends, in parks, cinemas – try to have some kind of entertainment planned every weekend. Just to relax at home will never work, there will always be some business and the weekend will fly and wear you out even more than everyday life.

And most importantly, leave at least some time for yourself, even 15-20 minutes, which will help you regain your strength.

And remember that it is impossible to do everything anyway, do not try every second to be supermommy or supersensitive, the world is not perfect, but you should strive for the ideal, not give up on small failures, meet every new day with a smile, love yourself and your loved ones, rejoice every minute you live and you will definitely find time for work, rest and self-improvement.

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